5 Super Reasons You Should Marry An Akwa Ibom Lady | Check No 2

5 Reasons You Should Marry An Akwa Ibom Lady When you are thinking of getting married. It is critical to…

2 weeks ago

Baba Warns Couples To Stop ‘Scoring Goals’ Always

The minister of power, works and housing, Babatunde Raji Fashola, has called on Nigerian couples to slow down on childbirth.…

4 weeks ago

8 Dangerous Mistakes To Avoid If You Want To Enjoy s3x

8 Dangerous Mistakes To Avoid If You Want To Enjoy s3x Whether you enjoy your session entirely depends on both…

4 weeks ago

DIAL MY HEART: Search For Love Or Want To Hook up?

Are you searching for love or you want to hook up with someone? TEXT OR WHATSAPP your “Gender, Age, Height,…

1 month ago

INTERESTING! How To Marry A Female Lawyer In Akwa Ibom

By Iniobong Leroi Umoh (more…)

1 month ago

How To Toast Akwa Ibom Beautiful Girl

How to Toasted Akwa Ibom Beautiful Girl Akwa Ibom is a fast growing state in Nigeria and their girls are…

5 months ago

Why Make So Much Noise During S3x?

Why make so much noise during s3x?   Have you ever woken up the morning after some mind-blowing s3x and…

5 months ago

Amaka Dumps Akwa Ibom Guy Through A Sh0cking Breakup Letter

This Evening an Igbo girl by name Amaka disappointed a guy, sent a breakup letter to his boyfriend who she…

5 months ago

When to Walk Away From a Bad Relationship

Or, you know, run. A guy I work with is going through a terrible, terrible break-up. The kind of break-up…

6 months ago


– “I will listen to what my soul and heart are telling me.” When you feel that something is right,…

6 months ago

5 Things Akwa Ibom Ladies Don’t Love Men To Do

More often than necessary, you might have heard a friend complain about women not finding them attractive enough or perhaps…

7 months ago

Though My Husband Can Do Six Rounds, He Doesn’t Ejaculate Into Me — Wife

Mrs Mutiatu Olaosebikan, 37, on Friday told an Igando Customary Court in Lagos that her husband, Sunday, usually discharged his…

7 months ago

W0W! Another experience with a pretty lady

It was another lesson today at a nearby bus-stop. Getting a taxi was a bit longer than as usual in…

8 months ago


Its been said that at the end of our lives, "only three things matter :1,How much you loved 2, how…

8 months ago

The #1 Sign It’s Time to Dump Her

You can probably think of at least one ex who was part of your life for a little too long.…

8 months ago
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