How To Toast Akwa Ibom Beautiful Girl

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How to Toasted Akwa Ibom Beautiful Girl

Akwa Ibom is a fast growing state in Nigeria and their girls are humble, hard working. happy, good cook, beautiful and approachable. Do you want to meet them and enjoy them? here are the secret to how you go about .
Many women like meeting new men on the street. However, toasting an Akwa Ibom girl has never been an easy thing, especially in public, when she immediately can put you down by a strict reply. A man should always know what to say and what to do to attract a girl`s attention. We offer you the best tips on how to toast a girl on the street. Meanwhile, see some of Akwa Ibom Beautiful girls
A man should always be polite with a woman. It is a universal rule. When you want to toast a Akwa Ibom girl on the street, you must never be arrogant but confident. Is there any difference? Of course, there is. Many men might say:
“Hallo, beauty. I am taking you to tropicana tonight.”
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In this case, you leave no choice for the girl and make a decision instead of her. Women hate this. Therefore, you will immediately get the following answer:
“Of course, you are not.”
Instead of this, you should always be confident, polite, and thoughtful towards a girl. Annang girls adore such men.
Depending on the time of day, the considerable part of girls is out in public because of certain reasons. They go/from the work, shop, university, etc. They might walk with a dog or go to the hospital. Therefore, women might not be interested at all to find their love on the street. Moreover, most Akwa Ibom women hate men approaching them on the street.
Do you really want to meet them and enjoy them , here are some secret tips
The best tips on how to toast an Akwa Ibom girl on the street
If you do not know how to toast a Akwa Ibom girl for the first time, the best tips are:
  • When you pass by, you should always try to make eye contact
  • Look back and watch if she has paid attention to you
  • When you catch up to an Akwa Ibom girl, the first thing you should do is to say sorry for getting her attention
  • Always start your conversation respectfully and politely
  • Take cues from her whether she is ready to continue the conversation with you. Please remember that if a Akwa Ibom girl desires further communication with you, she will always do her part to retain the conversation
  • Always approach Akwa Ibom girl with confidence
  • Try to break the ice with a couple of unplanned comments about your immediate surroundings. For example, if you are in front of a café, you might say, “Coffee smells perfect, does not it?”
  • Say a particular compliment to the girl. Please note that there are words to toast a girl you must never pronounce. Just remember! No compliments about sexiness, her butts, or other body parts. Such words will offend the girl forever
  • Concentrate on nonverbal communication. Keep in mind that 60 % of human communication is always visual, and 40% is always verbal. Therefore, your body language and the way you talk are the most important things
  • Keep eye contact and smile
  • Always continue the conversation if it seems welcome. Talk about any current happening in Akwa Ibom, events, new film, weather, etc. When you keep talking with a new girl on the road, it never matters what you say. Just keep on talking. The longer your conversation is, the better chances you have to ask her telephone number
  • Ask for her number. If the girl gives you her phone, then you have performed a perfect 10-minute-job. You must immediately notify the girl that you will either text or call her soon
  • Offer Akwa Ibom girl your company to her destination. You must never insist if she denies your proposal
  • Say good-bye. Tell the girl you have just successfully toasted on the street, that you are euphoric about meeting her. Wish her good-day and say goodbye. Never try to kiss her this time.
If you want to know how to toast a Akwa Ibom girl on the road, especially Uyo, Ikot Ekpene and Eket girl, you must never do the following things:
  • Never consider Akwa Ibom girl is heterosexual, single, or interested in being picked up just because she is on the street
  • Never honk, whistle, touch, or say something about Akwa Ibom girl`s appearance
  • If Akwa Ibom girl looks nervous or distracted, then she most probably has neither desire nor time to talk to you. In this case, you would better leave the girl alone
  • Never be rude if a Akwa Ibom girl refuses to talk to you
  • Never stalk an Akwa Ibom girl
  • Do not ever approach Akwa Ibom girl either in a secluded area or at night. It will make the girl of your dream scared very much.
Attention! Every man who wants to know how to toast a Nigerian girl on the street should clearly realize the mark between a friendly pick-up attempt and sexual harassment. Never cross this line!
Now you know some useful tips on how to toast Akwa Ibom girl on the street. We have another question for you. Can you give any recommendations for men who want to know how to toast a Akwa Ibom girl on the street? If your answer is yes, then please share your knowledge in comments below. By Thompson N. Photo credit; Cutesy
Thank you. T&C apply
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