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5 Reasons You Should Marry An Akwa Ibom Lady
When you are thinking of getting married.

It is critical to consider the qualities your would-be bride possesses as many men that got marry to women just because of their facial look are now biting their fingers.

While ladies from almost all tribes in Nigeria have qualities that make them unique, other ladies from different tribes seem to have what many people would called stand-out qualities and skills. These skills are very important for making the home ‘peaceful’ and ‘enjoyable’ which are the two key requirements every man wants in his new home.

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Ibom Leak News Team has however put together 5 reasons why you should consider marrying an Akwa Ibom lady.
1. Akwa Ibom Ladies are good cooks

This is another great reason you should marry an Akwa Ibom lady
The popular biblical passage that states that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach comes handy here.

An Akwa Ibom lady is very good at preparing delicious meal. Cooking comes easily for an Akwa Ibom lady. Men because of their physical makeup crave for well cooked food as eating out is becoming more expensive by the day. So for an average man, getting home at night and getting a good meal to eat ease the tension of the day’s work and puts him in a relax mood.

5 Reasons You Should Marry An Akwa Ibom Lady

Thus, a man that gets good food when he needs it would rather get married to  a woman that provides it for him. This makes an Akwa Ibom lady a good choice when looking for a wife.


2. Akwa Ibom Ladies are Clean

No man wants to get home to meet his house untidy. This can really put a man off. So getting married to woman that knows how to take care of the home is very important. That is where an Akwa Ibom lady comes in since an average Akwa Ibom woman is neat and hardworking.

She hates dirt, hence getting married to such woman is a guarantee that your house would be clean all day. When one visits some homes where the woman of the house does not have flair for keeping the home tidy, one would need to cover one’s nose with the hand while resorting to sign language to communicate because of the stench.

This quality of an Akwa Ibom woman makes her a good choice for a wife. You see the Reasons You Should Marry An Akwa Ibom Lady.

Aside of a smelling home. What about a woman that does not  know how to arrange things in the home. This is a great put off for an average man. Though, it is good to help one’s wife with home chores but what about a woman that does not how to do home chores. This could be very frustrating for an average man. This gives Akwa Ibom ladies  comparative advantage over ladies from other tribes.

3. Akwa Ibom Ladies Are Very Obedient

No man wants to get married to get a nagging woman. Some women would want to prove their ‘superiority’ to men at the slightest opportunity because of  their privileged background or financial status. Though, this is in not bad in  itself  but using it to ‘suppress’ the man could put most men off.

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An average Akwa Ibom lady is obedient and supportive. It is true that women by their nature talk a lot but a Akwa Ibom lady as much as possible would try to let her husband be the man without challenging his authority unnecessarily . She is ready to put her resources with that of her man to make the new home work. This quality puts Akwa Ibom ladies  ahead of their peers from other tribes.

4. Akwa Ibom Ladies are Very Beautiful and Caring

An average Akwa Ibom lady is beautiful and appealing. Men are  moved by what they see. Akwa Ibom ladies have been known to radiate in beauty as they maintain themselves by eating good and organic fresh food that brings out their natural beauty.

5. Bed Prowess

Many people would have expected this point to be listed first but as it is said in local parlance that the best served food is last one in the pot. Many people hold this view that Akwa Ibom women are very good in the bed. This particular view is so popular  among men of different tribes that at sighting an Akwa Ibom lady most guys would be talking in low tone.

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For many homes, the issue of not getting quality s3x could be among the reasons for having a broken home. And no man wants to have a broken home even in his dream. Akwa Ibom ladies are unarguably great in bed. They know how to keep their man at home aside from cooking good foods. No man wants to marry a woman that would be like a ‘log of wood’ on the bed. This very quality makes the Akwa Ibom lady an ideal wife for any man that wants to enjoy good sex life.

5 Reasons You Should Marry An Akwa Ibom Lady
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