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Senator Akpabio: Awaiting His Final Political Funeral

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By Umani

The name Godswill Akpabio before now was believed to be synonymous to agility and maybe efficiency, but the unfolding of recent putrid and bewailed scenarios have turnout to posture the name on the bench of derangement which is directly opposite of what he was regarded as.

Senator Akpabio just few months in APC, has annihilated those good old memories he left behind from times immemorial. If he was told amalgamating with the broom terrace would make him deranged and possibly mainstring his political suicide, he wouldn’t have believed.

If it was divulged to him that dwindling himself into a boy-boy ( Chief servant) to the same people who were frightened by his diplomatic prominence would induce his political funeral, He wouldn’t have still believed. With much pains in my heart and tears in my eyes, let me state here that Senator Akpabio is currently swimming in an irrevocable pool of quandary. He’s been docked in there pending when his final political funeral would come.

After his mammoth endorsement rally by the Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District Youths on the 7th of July last year, the message passed athwart by Akpabio was that he can triumph politically under any political platform. Deducing the concealed truth from this braggadocio, Akpabio had been nurturing his defective-defection devise long ago. But never did he know he was automatically shooting himself on the head, which was tantamount to his death. viz a viz Akpabio was dead even before his defection.

Just as the death of King Ahab was greatly celebrated by the Israelites in 1Kings, Akpabio’s political funeral ( his defection) was celebrated in same vane by lovers of peaceful and inclusive governance. Sen. Akpabio in his conviction had reasoned that the party, PDP in Akwa Ibom State will be vacuous soon after his defection. With this statement, Akpabio had stabbed himself on the chest with his poisoned dagger, and this means his second death. The funeral was indeed glamorous.

Because he portrayed himself as a god, he talked down literally everyone in the State, maintaining all the big names in our today’s politics, and even all the rich men in Akwa Ibom today were singlehandedly made by him. He boasted, ” where was that only God when I stood alone to make Udom Emmanuel the governor in 2015?

To prove to the few people he cowed into amalgamating with him that he was god, he swore an oath that if Udom should succeed in his re-election bid, he shouldn’t be buried in Ukana, his country home when he dies. Akpabio was convinced Udom was not going to win, but never did it occur to him that he was only speaking as a Baal. He never knew that the one who sits on the secret throne was still alive. With the help of that same God he mocked, the people were able to prove him wrong: that he is nothing but flesh and blood with uncountable misdemeanors. He was retired without any iota of regret.

It’s pitiful to see that our own Akpabio has witnessed his judgement while on earth. As written in Psalm 109:8, his position has been taken by another. He has slaughtered himself on the same alter he sought to have slaughtered his opponent. Again, the unfolding scenarios in the National Assembly Tribunal has shown that Akpabio is gradually loosing it: His flesh has become his daily bread, his blood has become his daily red wine and res stew. His eyes, mouth and money have become the spices for the seasoning of his daily sauce, and nothing is left of him anylonger. Soon after the Tribunal verdict will be announced which his lost again is inevitable, Akpabio’s final political funeral will be conducted. This is indeed a lesson for all.

Umani Uwemedimo is a public affairs analyst, writes this piece from Abak


This information is for Akwa Ibomites and lovers of Akwa Ibom state


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