What I Will Do If I Were Nsima Ekere

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Aftermath of Akwa Ibom Gubernatorial elections :What I will do if I were Nsima Ekere. Abasiama Etukakpan (Jr), Uyo. The 2019 Governorship elections in Akwa Ibom State has come and gone with memories in the heart of the citizens and good people of the State. It was a race of two great sons of Akwa Ibom State, Deacon Udom Emmanuel of Onna LGA and Obong Nsima Ekere of Ikot Abasi LGA,all from Akwa Ibom South (Eket) Senatorial District.
Deacon Emmanuel is the serving Governor whose contest was for a second term in office to complete the two terms as recorded and done by the sister Senatorial Districts(Ikot Ekpene and Uyo) during their tenures as Governors of Arch.Victor Attah(1999-2007) and Chief Godswill Akpabio(2007-2015).Deacon Emmanuel who came in from the private sector was underrated by his political opponents that he won’t be able to win elections especially as his predecessor left him along the way and defected to the All Progressives Congress(APC) with reasons he alone could explain. After that shocking defection, Governor Emmanuel was confident of himself as a man that he will win any candidate filed by the opposition party in the State. He went to God and named his campaign mantra,”ONLY GOD”.He consulted widely day and night. Still,some people never had confidence in his political will, just like humans will think,but God thinks differently.He campaigned vigorously and tirelessly and left no stone unturn, he read the game in the General elections as a good coach and knew the right tracks and wing he should put in his players to deliver for him. He had an increasing popularity and goodwill especially from political gladiators that had bad records and experiences with former Governor Akpabio(His Predecessor). All went well for Governor Udom Emmanuel and he was secretly working ahead of his victory. While the opposition were celebrating and boasting that they make Governors from 1999,he was the way maker,king maker and the miracle worker without making noise. His stratedy was known by him alone and his God.
On the other side, Obong Ekere was supported by his former boss, Chief Akpabio as the Candidate of his new found love,the APC. Of course, this was expected because he had spent a lot of money to keep the party strong within his capacity before Akpabio joined his once castigated party, the APC. Akpabio joined forces with his former friends and allies, those he has serially mocked that there are Abuja Politicians,call them several names in the past and even changed their names because of political reasons like Senator J. J. Udoedehe, Obong Umana Okon Umana, Atuekong Don Etiebet, Bishop Sam Akpan,Cpt.Sam Enwang, Sen. Ita Enang and the likes. He was confident that he alone makes leaders and they make Governors in Akwa Ibom State. He had assured that Governor Emmanuel can’t and won’t win the elections because he is no longer with him and maybe he had the confidence that his “federal might” shall come to play In the polls. Nsima Ekere also campaigned across the state but he had that confidence that he shall win and as I heard, he had began to promise some of his supporters, loyalists and friends appointments when he officially assumes office. Of course, contesting elections has been of the hobbies of the Obong Ekere.
One clear fact that made Governor Udom Emmanuel to have increased followership is because many people never wanted a man to play God and one man can’t and won’t decide the faith of Akwa Ibom people now and in the future . Nsima Ekere had more enemies and few friends because of his new affiliation. Maybe he never knew about most of these developments.
The March 9 elections had come and gone, the electoral umpire,INEC announced Deacon Udom Emmanuel of the Peoples Democratic Party as the winner of the polls.Truly,it came to pass that Mr Emmanuel had his hope on no man but God alone.His defeat was with an intimidating margin.
Shockingly, APC candidate Obong Nsima Udo Ekere on hearing the news of the winner has made a press statement that he and his party has rejected the results and shall be heading to court.According to him that INEC worked with PDP to doctor the result. It was and is still laughable to me that he can still be this immature and insensitive to politics and can’t see the writing on the wall that he is not meant to be the Governor at least for now or in the nearest future.If he were, he would have been announced the winner no matter any plan or coup as alleged by him. The hand of God has shown that he can’t and won’t be Governor and the earlier he realizes this, the better for him.Going to court is very inconsequential and laughable at this time. What I was expecting him to do before now if I were him will be for him to call Governor Udom Emmanuel and congratulate him for the victory at least to show the spirit of sportsmanship in him. This action would have made him to be respected and loved the more by the people .I know some of his loyalists will advice him on the contrary.Of course how will they eat and survive if the battle does not continue.?This is the true character of human beings.
If he(Ekere) so loves Akwa Ibom State as he keeps saying, I think he should sue for peace and development by congratulating the legitimate winner. This legal tussle will only distract the progress of our dear state, Governor Emmanuel and the government which I know he(Ekere)will finally loose. Spending more more is for me useless and will only make him to be more depressed because the God of Deacon Udom Emmanuel is awake and will still be. If he can also congratulate the Governor and join hands to support any candidate from Uyo Senatorial District in 2023 maybe in his party, he will be more of an elder statesman than a serial legal fighter,let him ask Bassey Etim(Bafil) how he has been facing his legal and illegal tussles year in year out and looses anytime he goes to the court. Going to court won’t change anything but will rather move our state backward.Please,if I were Mr Ekere, I will quietly move forward and congratulate his brother,Deacon Udom Emmanuel.
Governor Emmanuel is a good man and a peace loving gentleman, he will gladly and warmly embrace his sportsmanship if ONE can heed to my small boys advice. Truth is, If elections are conducted two million times, Governor Emmanuel will still win Mr Ekere convincingly and the margin maybe be even wider.
I will end my small boyish sermon by calling on Mr Nsima Ekere to kindly accept the defeat and face reality. His people and friends betrayed him knowing fully well that the shortest route for Uyo Senatorial District to take over is Governor Udom Emmanuel completing his second term.There never trusted him and his political promise of staying for one term of four years and those his friends are vieing for the same seat with all their life. Please Your Excellency, be a gentleman, call and congratulate Your Governor for a well deserved victory.It won’t cost you anything but will earn you respect and honour.
Happy Tuesday Akwa Ibom and Nigeria!
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